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Boxing Day shopping splurge to cap off festive season

The National Retail Association (NRA) is forecasting shoppers to splurge on Boxing Day purchases to cap off a successful festive season for one of Australia’s largest industries.

Boxing Day is one of the signature events on the Australian retail calendar, with consumers descending on shopping centres in the hunt for post-Christmas bargains.

NRA CEO Dominique Lamb said that this year’s Boxing Day is set to smash all records following a highly successful festive season for the retail sector.

“Boxing Day 2020 is set to cap off a very successful festive season for Australian retail,” Ms Lamb said.

“It remains a signature event on the Australian shopping calendar, with Aussies across the country waking up bright and early on the hunt for post-Christmas bargains.

“The NRA is forecasting a Boxing Day shopping splurge of $2.75 billion at shops across Australia, breaking the 2019 record.  With consumer sentiment at a 10-year high, we have really seen shoppers splash the cash in the lead up to Christmas and this will continue on Boxing Day.”

Ms Lamb also provided tips for consumers on how to navigate bustling crowds and make the shopping experience as convenient as possible.

“Doing some basic homework before heading to the shops can make Boxing Day a lot easier. This includes checking what time stores open, researching products, comparing prices and exploring public transport options,” Ms Lamb said.

“It can also be a long day, so we recommend that people come equipped with a bottle of water, comfortable shoes and pack lightly,” she said.

The NRA is forecasting a record Boxing Day spend of $2.75 billion nationwide, with an increase across every state and territory. Online spend is also set to be popular with $930 million in digital sales to take place throughout Australia.

STATEROUNDED ($M) 20192020 Growth  ROUNDED ($M) 2020
NSW$871 Million5%$914 Million
VIC$825 Million4%$858 Million
QLD$441 Million6%$467 Million
SA$129 Million4%$134 Million
WA$221 Million6%$235 Million
TAS$56 Million5%$59 Million
NT$27 Million4%$28 Million
ACT$54 Million5%$57 Million
TOTALS$2.62 Billion5%$2.75 Billion
Online SalesBoxing Day Projection 2019 ($M)2020 GrowthBoxing Day Projection 2020 ($M)
Total$655 Million42%$930
Boxing Day Sales